Faria Advogados e Consultores de Empresas, founded in 1997, has a solid reputation as a firm committed to excellence in the services provided, jointly with a compensation system that is attractive to corporate clients.

With head offices in the increasingly strategic Greater ABC industrial area, in the State of São Paulo, its legal services are provided to both domestic and international companies, offering a full array of legal know-how. As usual in a corporate legal practice, the compensation charged will always take into account the economic benefit sought by the corporate client.

Faria Advogados e Consultores de Empresas is conveniently situated in one of the most modern business complexes of the Greater ABC region, with ample offices (500 sq. meters) equipped with state-of-the art technological resources and furnishings suited to their mission of reliably providing first-rate legal services.

The firm has lawyers specializing in many branches of the law, and their teamwork often overlaps in a converging action, so as to provide overall solutions with the expertise brought by each lawyer, based on specialized studies. Both directors and technical staff share a corporate vision that allows them to harmoniously tailor the legal solutions identified to the organizational and business realities of the corporate client.

The firm always respects the technical implications of corporate law, updating methods and resources on an ongoing basis, closely following all nuances of the most cutting-edge legal matters. The client can rely on the firm to provide rapid solutions that are pragmatic as well as highly effective.