The environmental practice of Faria Advogados targets the coordination of environmental licensing; advice on granting and perfection of licenses and permits; assessment of potential environmental impact regarding real estate developments; administrative proceedings and litigation.

Civil Law and Consumer Relations Litigation

Faria Advogados has expertise with all areas and branches of Business Law, providing both consulting and mass and strategic litigation services, involving questions related to civil liability under contract or otherwise, interpretation, review and preparation of a wide variety of agreements,recourse to both judicial and extrajudicial measures at all instances, including, inter alia, legal actions related to the Consumer Protection Law, actions for damages, collection, executions, and foreclosures.

Mass Litigation

Faria Advogados aims at delivering the same close attention given to high-profile cases to its "mass litigation" work, offering a strict control of procedural deadlines and a relentless search for strategic alternatives based on cost/benefit analysis of each individual claim.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Faria Advogados, under the leadership of its partner, João Rogério Romaldini de Faria, has been acting an official a judicial reorganization and an official bankruptcy trustee. The firm also maintains an expert group specializing in bankruptcy and judicial reorganization, in addition to providing strategic consultancy for corporate restructuring.

Real Estate

Faria Advogados e Consultores de Empresas is very actively involved in the real estate legal sector,facilitating the partnership procedures between real estate developers and other large companies for the development of real estate projects, and acting as consultant in the establishment, approval, and structuring of both residential and commercial real estate undertakings, purchase and sale of land, developments, drafting of lease agreements, including built-to-suit leases,purchase agreements, formation of special purpose entities, and joint ventures. The firm also has expertise with related litigation, including, but not limited to, resolution of controversies regarding default, contract termination, and repossession.

Corporate Criminal Law

The practice of Faria Advogados in this area involves both prevention and litigation, regarding Corporate Criminal Law, especially in connection with the following: crimes against the environment, crimes against consumer relations, crimes against the tax system, crimes against the social security system, crimes against the labor system, as well as crimes against the financial system. The firm represents its corporate clients as well as the interests of their members and directors in police investigations and criminal actions. The firm additionally handles investigation of torts against its corporate clients.


Faria Advogados provides legal assistance in the Corporate Law area, with formation and like activities; preparation, review and amendment of corporate documentation; disposal of companies, membership and stockholding interests; advice on purchase and sale of companies, shares and membership interest units, and assets, and on private equity transactions.


Faria Advogados has a team focusing on labor consulting and litigation, review of relevant documents, and preparation of legal briefs for all instances, with strategic action targeting in disputes involving substantial amounts. The labor practice of the firm also encompasses follow-up on proceedings of the Ministry of Labor, providing guidance with government investigations, in addition to implementation of in-house labor due diligences, management of labor claims, and assessment of liabilities.


The practice of Faria Advogados in the area of tax litigation involves representation of the interests of its corporate clients both in the preparation of legal briefs against tax foreclosures or executions and in the filing of claims, aiming at reduction of tax assessments. The legal practice of the firm also encompasses administrative procedures at all instances for defense against deficiency or delinquency notices.